Have you ever jumped out of your seat, thinking about that awesome moment in yesterday’s video game or TV episode?

Have you ever been driving with your date and singing SO LOUDLY!! – so loudly that you make him/her anxious while you gush about that one snare hit or guitar lick? Have you ever been at that place (you know the place) and someone proclaims from the other side of the room that they too have heard of that thing? If you said “yes” to these, you are like me. Chances are, someone has looked at you like you have three heads and has never looked back.

Welcome to the World of the Three Headed Boy

Three Headed Boy takes a good look at the vast expanse of geek culture and talks about the topics that matter. Everything from gaming, to anime, to Magic: The Gathering, to the newest music is covered here.

What forms will these discussions take? The content on this site will be a cornucopia of reviews, introspection, lists, and other forms of writing. The minute we get tired of writing the stuff is the minute you get tired of reading it.


The games section sounds like a perfectly natural chunk of any geeky website triangle, but there is a twist here. You can get a good look at many of the high profile titles online, so I will focus my game review and discovery efforts to smaller titles, whether they be independently published games, smaller downloadable titles on the major platforms like PSN and Xbox Live, or simple online games that have my attention. Video games have come a long way. I feel that in today’s widely accepting society, it is totally viable to discuss the newest issues and trends in popular gaming. Anyone can tell you that the newest Call of Duty had tight controls or that Bioshock Infinite had a good story. Three Headed Boy is here to talk about industry news and trends that negatively or positively impact how we play the game.


Geek is probably the easiest section of this website to describe. Simply put, when something geeky happens, I post it. Then, the people talk about it. To me, music and gaming are the most valuable elements of my geek culture, but I am open to the possibility of adding entire pages dedicated to other ventures as time passes. For now, look for the Geek page to be a basement-dwelling bonanza of shower-free sweetness. Unless you don’t live in a basement and shower regularly, in which case Geek is just going to be awesome.

The Spoiler Cast

This website all started out with an idea for a gaming podcast that was made for the hungry few. I speak of the other like-minded gamers who finished the main storyline on the newest blockbuster, and want a digital water cooler to call their own. In this segment, you can join Tristan, Patrick, myself, the spirit of Ryan and more cool guests as we talk about our week playing games, the latest in news, and the story segments of the biggest hits.