Bugsnax is a fun and short campaign where you catch the Bugsnax on Snaktooth Island. If you want to “catch ’em all,” you will need to do your part using your tools, using the environment, and using your mind to solve problems.

That being said, a large part of the joy of Bugsnax is in solving these various puzzles. Similar to what I have done in the past with other games, here is a list of general, spoiler-free Bugsnax tips and tricks that will help in solving these mini-puzzles.

General tips for Bugsnax

  • Remember earlier when I said, “using the environment?” In many cases, where I had difficulty with puzzles, the answer involved the environment itself, vs a tool or other Bugsnax.
  • Bugsnax themselves are very good tools to use against other Bugsnax, even of the same species.
  • The “Trip Shot” is pretty overpowered. Consider using it as a catch-all for grabbing many Bugsnax in the world, once you get it.
  • While the Snakgrappler doesn’t EVER seem to work as you think it should, it is VERY good at grabbing far away Bugsnax that are already unconscious. Always remember to switch to the Snakgrappler to pick them up and save time on that 10 second countdown.
  • While the rope of the Trip Shot is weak, don’t assume that the rest of the device is, compared to other tools you have.
  • This should go without saying, but use your scope to determine weaknesses of enemies and bosses. I found that the “LOVE” and “HATES” sections of each tell a good story of how to catch the Bugsnax.
  • If you find yourself creating a Rube Goldberg machine to catch a particular Bugsnax species, you are almost certainly missing an easier solution to your problem.