How to play Animal Crossing for virtual commute and some tips for making the most of island life.

COVID-19 has impacted people in a number of many different ways. I am fortunate to have a family that is well and a job that is workable from my apartment. I’m also fortunate to have an apartment.

However, there is still a problem. I am not good at the “stay home” thing. No matter how many tips I have followed, I have difficulty leaving work behind when I do it from home, and various virtual commute solutions haven’t worked.

Enter Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It has been stated across social media, but Animal Crossing really could not have released at a better time. This has changed my virtual commute for the best.

As I sat on yet another web conference call from my makeshift, home office workstation, my colleague asked, “I heard about people playing Animal Crossing. Then I learned there was a home loan and decided I was out.”

As I “left” my office to go to the wonderful island of “Coffee Cay” (my fictional paradise in Animal Crossing), I pondered that comment.

Why do I play a game with a home loan? Because you can pay it off in less than a week.

Why do I play a game where you pull weeds and cut down trees? Because it is relaxing and monotonous activity.

Why don’t you get some fresh air? I already take twice daily walks, but they weren’t cutting it! In the world of Animal Crossing, there is no COVID-19 and there is certainly no social distancing. Just ask your chipper villagers!

How to Play Animal Crossing while Working from Home

As for how to play during your virtual commute? I recommend playing for 15-30 minutes before and after your work for the day. This allows enough time to explore new things and take care of your daily deeds, while simultaneously leaking out new details day after day.

Experiment. Don’t min-max your way through your private island.

There are a number of Animal Crossing: New Horizon walkthroughs, but I don’t recommend following ANY of them. Sure, these walkthroughs are tremendously detailed and will get you where you want fast, but part of the joy in the game is the daily discovery and excitement.