I will probably spend more time publishing this review than I will have spent in the world of Donut County.

It takes 1.5-2 hours to see the end credits of Donut County. At $13 retail, it can be hard to recommend without a discount. If you do get a discount however, the game can be a pleasant way to spend an afternoon session.

Donut County Snakes

Donut County is reverse Katamari Damacy in concept. The player controls a hole in the ground. The objective is to move this hole underneath objects that fit inside of it. As items fall into the hole, the size of the whole increases, thus allowing for the absorption of larger items.

The game also steals Katamari’s trademark simplicity. The controls are limited to moving the hole on a plane and pressing a single button from time to time.

The problem again comes down to the length of the game. Due to the small number of levels and the ability to deftly move the hole, the game is quite easy and quick.

At times, it feels like a tech demo.

Donut County Big hole

Where Donut County shines

What elevates Donut County is everything around the simple gameplay.

Breaking down games by their component parts is contrived. In this case, I feel that the package underneath is worth the representation.

For one, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so gleefully while gaming. The conversations and story is at times irreverent and at times brilliant in its humor. The visual style and quick cuts lend well to the writing.

Coyote Donut County
Coyote is my favorite new character of 2018.

The music of Donut County

Most important in the presentation is the music. Donut County has some stellar music, which is good enough to be listened to separate of the game when in a chill mood.

Donut County Great Delivery
Try not to get the end of level theme stuck in your head endlessly.

The music is created by composer Daniel Koestner & developer of the game, Ben Esposito. It may be worth purchasing the bundle of the game with the soundtrack, just to support these calm, catchy tunes.

The verdict

Donut County served as a palette cleanser between larger gaming sessions for me. I truly enjoyed time spent with the game and characters in this way. At a lower price, this can be recommended and truly enjoyed.

Have a Garbage Day - Donut County

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