The Games Done Quick crew, without venue or prior schedule, were quick to gather resources and hold a weekend long charity stream this past Labor Day weekend. This event was for relief to those in need after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Speedrunners from across the world banded together to race or run games from their homes over the weekend. All proceeds from the event went directly to the Houston Food Bank.

According to information on the Houston Food Bank website, every $500 can supply up to “1500 nutritious meals.”

How much money did Harvey Relief Done Quick raise?

In total, the efforts of the video game speed runners made $226,402.53, with a total of 4,308 donations. This included one donation of $10,050.00. Doing the math with the above figures provided by the Houston Food Bank, the donations raised through this one weekend long event can feed approximately 678,000 people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

This is a victory for humanity and the gaming community, but it is not unlike the speedrunners at Games Done Quick, who are used to racking up six figures in donations twice a year, during their bi-annual charity events.

You can find out more information about the Games Done Quick crew here.