Dan, Tristan, and Bera are joined by a special guest! Cooley, one of the members of the super cool “RedBeard Podcast.”

Logan (2017)

The four dudes chat about the recently released Logan movie, the final chapter in the Hugh Jackman / Wolverine / X-Men movie series.

What did the guys think about the ending of the movie? Was the “R” rating of Logan right or was it just a cash-in after the success of Deadpool?

Breath of the Wild and the Switch

The Nintendo Switch and “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” also released since we last spoke, so we chat about our incredible experiences with the latest Zelda chapter and the new handheld/console hybrid.

You can find the RedBeard Podcast at http://redbeardpodcast.com/

Music, in order of appearance:

Eddie Vedder – Setting Forth (from the soundtrack to “Into the Wild”)

Dewey Cox – Walk Hard (from the soundtrack to “Walk Hard”)