Ryu, Roy, and Lucas available for Smash Bros Wii U TODAY

Today, just before E3, Nintendo released a host of announcements that crippled their Nintendo eShop servers. Here are all of the new additions to Smash 4 Wii U in June 2015.

Take all of my money Nintendo.

Ryu – All you need to know for Smash 4 Wii U

Ryu is back, and he has been given the “Little Mac Treatment”. That’s not to say that he will have no stage recovery. It means that he has been given a unique set of moves to highlight is play in Street Fighter. His character design is based around Street Fighter II, and here are some of his moves.

Ryu’s moves in Smash 4 Wii U

With Ryu in Smash 4, Sakurai and the team did a good job at introducing Ryu to novices while allowing veteran Street Fighter players to step right in. That is why, as a Street Fighter player, it excites me that you can enter combos like you do in Street Fighter II, and these will work in Smash 4.


Hadoken – B OR Forward Quarter-Circle A

Ryu’s most classic move is performed either by pressing B or by pressing the original combo from Street Fighter with the base attack button. This will unleash a more powerful version of the combo.

Shoryuken – (Up+B) OR Right, Down, Diagonal A

Used as recovery (no surprise here) or to kill opponents, Shoryuken is Ryu’s Up+B move. If you unleash the original button combo (shown above) Ryu’s Shoryuken is more powerful and Nintendo says can kill at low percent.

Hurricane Kick

Not sure how this move is going to be done, seeing as the half circle forward A attack is already being used for a more powerful Hadoken.

Focus Attack (Down+B)

As expected from the original reveal video, Ryu’s Down+B looks to be a supercharged attack with hyper-armor just like in Street Fighter IV. Focus attacks are a neat dynamic, since you absorb the attack and unleash it back at the opponent.

Different Ground attacks

Nintendo and NAMCO-Bandai have also addressed all of the different combos and light, medium, heavy variations that Ryu has. Press and hold the buttons from light to heavy by holding a button longer or shorter.

For example, if you hold the smash button longer, Ryu will punch the opponent with a mean right hook. If you tap the button, he might just do a quick kick. You can also choose to rapidly attack the button if you want to get in some quick jabs. This seems awesome, but I have yet to try the functionality.

These buttons will be used to perform moves like Ryu’s Collarbone breaker I believe, though that could be his Side+B. Nothing was confirmed from the video.

2 Final Smashes?

Ryu is also the first character in Smash with TWO FINAL SMASHES.

Like in Street Fighter IV, Ryu’s Final Smashes are the Ultras he can perform in those games.

Shinku Hadoken is a large Hadoken ball, similar to Mario’s Final Smash.

If you are closer to the opponents, you will want to unleash Shin Shoryuken, which is a mega Shoryuken attack that will knock opponents off the top of the stage.

Roy is back in Smash Bros 4 for WiiU

Roy is officially back in Smash Bros for Wii U and his Up A is more powerful than ever. He is significantly more powerful and even more close range than he was even in Melee.

While his character design has been updated for the new graphics, his move set (from the trailer) seems to be very similar to how it was in the original game.

His Final Smash is a powerful charging side attack that launches opponents to the side of the stage. It seems like it might be an insta-kill if it connects.

New Stages in Smash 4 WiiU

Some new stages for Smash 4 Wii U were also announced at this Nintendo Direct.

Dream Land (with Omega Form)

The original classic stage that has made its appearance in every game is back. It has modern upgrades for the Wii U but by and large is the same wonderful stage with the Whispy Woods that it always has been. An Omega version is also available.

Dream Land is $1.99.

Suzaku Castle (with Omega Form)

Suzaku Castle is also unveiled. This is a strange looking stage with a straight platform at the right and a couple of smaller platforms on the left. I am not sure what this has to do with Street Fighter, but I do know that at $5.99, it is super expensive for one stage. I will use that money towards Ryu himself, thanks.

MiiVerse Stage – FREE

The MiiVerse stage, with three moving platforms (think Battlefield) and a clean, modern look was unveiled. This stage will be free for all Smash players — presumably because nobody would care to buy it.


Peach’s Castle

While not directly addressed, short video of new Smash 4 characters fighting in Peach’s Castle from the original Super Smash Bros. was shown.

New costumes for Smash

Here is a list of the new Mii Fighter / Brawler / Swordsman costumes made available:

  • Animal Crossing / Isabelle
  • Jacky from Virtua Fighter / Akira
  • Mega Man.exe
  • Zero from Mega Man X
  • Splatoon Inkling (along with in-game splatoon trophies)
  • Heihachi (Tekken)

Tournament Mode in Smash 4 Wii U

Coming in August, Smash 4 Wii U will have tournament mode. This seems to include Round Robin and Elimination modes.

You can play the tournament locally with friends, like you could in earlier Smash games. Additionally, Nintendo is working on net code for live online tournaments, which would be very cool.

All of this being said, I can already see the online tournament being disappointing due to poor net code, where lag destroys any semblance of real competition.

Smash 4 replays to YouTube

Finally, as if all of this wasn’t enough, you will be able to post Smash replay videos to YouTube coming soon.

You will need an active Google account to post these replay videos, and you can find more information at SmashBros.com (at least that’s what the video told me).

How much does Smash WiiU DLC cost?

So how much does all of this content cost? Get ready for an empty wallet. While everything by default seems affordable, I wish they offered a bundle package for hardcore fans who want all of this stuff. The total cost of all of the new character and stage content is $22. The new characters alone will set you back $14. Here is the breakdown:

  • Roy will be $3.99
  • Lucas will also be $3.99
  • Ryu will be $5.99
  • Suzaku Castle (Ryu’s Stage) will be $5.99
  • The Dreamland stage will be $1.99
  • Mii Character costumes will be $0.75 apiece

All of this content, including Roy, Lucas, and Ryu are released to Smash 4 TODAY (June 14)!

Watch the original Smash Direct here

Tired of reading this news? Watch the original Nintendo Direct where this was leaked for more excitement below:

What do you think about all of the new additions, changes, and pricing?