In this episode of the Spoiler Cast, Tristan, Patrick, and Dan get into a very long discussion about Destiny for the PS4 and Xbox One. What makes the game so special and does it live up to all of the hype it has been generating? Also a look at everything from the games conclusion to the most effective class.

Destiny Storyline and Ending Theory

The guys discuss the final battle of the game and their thoughts on the game’s ending.

Additionally, Patrick has some news from a user generated fan theory on where the game is going to head from here. The theory and evidence may surprise you.

What is the best class and subclass?

Thankfully and accidentally, Dan, Tristan, and Patrick played the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock class respectively. Which class and subclass is the best for the Crucible (multiplayer)?

Abilities, strengths, and weaknesses are all discussed in detail.

Crucible Missions

Along with discussing the Vanguard story missions, Strikes, Daily Heroic quests, and more, the guys talk in-depth about the games multiplayer mode, the Crucible. Find out why playing as the Hunter might be the best decision Tristan has made… in his entire life.

Music, in order of appearance:

Ok Go – Get Over It

Thom Yorke – Black Swan