In Episode #25 (We are a quarter century old, sorta) the guys talk about the Destiny Beta, their thoughts, their opinions of the different character classes, and if they think the game is going to be good when it releases in September.

Patrick’s Convention Report

But before they do that, they hear about the various conventions Patrick has visited in the past weeks, not all of which are gaming related. Patrick is also an accomplished tenor (fun fact), so he gushes about his experiences at Harmony Explosion Northeast, a barbershop convention to inspire and help youthful singers.

Patrick also went to Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX) so he wants to talk all about his experiences in Texas hanging out with the team from Rooster Teeth.

Games Discussed

But Destiny isn’t all that the guys have been playing in the past weeks. Patrick talks about his time hunting for achievements in Hitman: Absolution and his experience with the licensed title, Deadpool. No fourth walls broken here.

Tristan has been playing a LOT of Destiny Beta, but he managed to take some time to play the new Strider and the WiiU exclusive Wonderful 101.

Dan continues to torment himself by plodding through Final Fantasy XIII. He also went back and played Zelda: Skyward Sword and some Last of Us.


Jay Z (featuring Justin Timberlake) – Holy Grail

Pendulum – Watercolour